Drive taxis for one of the world's largest land transport companies

Why drive taxis for CDC Fleet?

Flexible shifts for all experience levels

If you’re after convenience, like to be independent and be your own boss, becoming a commercial passenger vehicle driver with CDC Fleet is an ideal choice.

Reliable and well maintained fleet

We have a growing fleet of vehicles and a dedicated team of in-house mechanics to ensure your vehicles are in good condition.

Environmentally friendly hybrid taxis

We’re committed to environmental sustainability and will continue to invest in hybrid vehicles across our fleet and business.

An experienced team for guidance and advice

Our team and business has decades of experience and will help you further your career in the transport industry.

CDC Fleet provides you the opportunity to become a taxi driver for one of the world’s largest land transport companies.

As part of the acquisition of Tullamarine Bus Lines on 1 May 2018, CDC Victoria also acquired the Cabways taxi business. Now re-branded as CDC Fleet, CDC is building on the business’s existing reputation as a leading commercial passenger vehicle provider.

CDC Fleet operates 13 CABS and Silver Top branded taxis with plans to add other booking service providers, leading the industry in flexible opportunities for commercial passenger vehicle drivers.